About Us


The Employer Provider Council (EPC) is a strategic division of the Hospital Quality Foundation (HQF). The mission of EPC is to provide strategic insight, information, and guidance focused on employer and provider decision-makers. The Employer Provider Council seeks to create an environment that allows key stakeholders to focus on thoughtful issues, develop key metrics, and design strategic care management, and coverage recommendations that affect appropriate change within populations of patients. The resulting change is beneficial to all concerned.


Through employer-provider interaction, EPC convenes, collaborates, or facilitates informed decisions on how best to structure care or coverage for the benefit of their shared population. This allows for better, more effective patient care, improved financial performance, and improved access overall to the care delivery process.


EPC establishes a communicative partnership between employers and healthcare

  • Employers as a group, Business Groups or Coalitions
  • Clinical societies or associations
  • Manufacturers and Advocacy groups
  • Healthcare administration and management groups
  • Health insurance and legal groups
  • The goal of live and virtual collaborations like WellSpent is to inform, influence, and engage key stakeholders on the importance of innovating healthcare for employers, plans, or manufacturers. Additionally, use such events to improve or increase opportunities for improving the business of healthcare and community health holistically


EPC can tap into the solutions offered by HPC, including cutting-edge research, and state-of-the-art education.