Business & Healthcare
to Navigate Risk

Linking Business & Healthcare to Make Change Happen

What We Do

We are a strategic sounding board around real-time risk-management for employers seeking to gain equitable member access to costly and advanced medical treatments. The Employer Provider Council (EPC) is a division of the Hospital Quality Foundation (HQF) focused on application.


Learn to proactively deter waste and  inefficiencies whether financial or clinical care.


Collaborating with stakeholders allows you to identify unmet needs while optimizing care pathways.


We guide employers on how to build better plans that offer equitable access to advanced medical therapies.


EPC establishes a communicative partnership between employers and healthcare

  • Employers as a group, Business Groups or Coalitions
  • Clinical societies or associations
  • Manufacturers and Advocacy groups
  • Healthcare administration and management groups
  • Health insurance and legal groups
  • The goal of live and virtual collaborations like WellSpent is to inform, influence, and engage key stakeholders on the importance of innovating healthcare for employers, plans, or manufacturers. Additionally, use such events to improve or increase opportunities for improving the business of healthcare and community health holistically